Sustainable Self-Care

With everything we have going on, we need a new way to approach self-care. We can’t afford a 3 hour trip to a spa or a weekend trip to the beach every time we get stressed. In order for self-care to be sustainable we need for it to take minimal time, require minimal scheduling, and have maximum impact.

Why Self-Care ISN’T Putting Yourself First

A new movement that’s going on in the self-care world is putting yourself first. Which on the surface sounds pretty good right? No more sacrificing our happiness for someone else. No more working ourselves to the bone. No more doing things we don’t like. But is it really self-care?

Spoiler Alert: Real Self Care Isn’t a Manicure

Up front you have to know I am not anti-manicure. However, if manicures and a new shirt and a selfie of your so-called self care moment with 100 instant “likes” were all you needed to quiet your mind and bring health and ease to your body, then that method would be working. Except it isn’t working, is it?

woman looking out over the river in france

Finding Your Courage Again

I was looking through old pictures this morning, reminiscing on days gone by. I went through all the highlights – graduating high school, my wedding, the honeymoon, Lydia’s birth, and our first goats. All our home purchases and business pursuits were there as well. And looking through everything, I couldn’t help but reflect on how …

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