The Beauty Of A Messy House

I don’t know about you, but if my house is a wreck, I feel like a wreck. Something awful happens to me when I walk out of my bedroom and the first thing I see is a pile of dirty dishes. Then I step on something grainy that’s all over the floors. And then I see the toys everywhere. And somehow in .25 seconds I go from having a great day to having a horrible day.

Does this happen to anyone else?

toddler carrying a large stuffed bunny down the street

My spirit actually feels like it’s shrinking inside of me – trying to get away from the mess all around me. My emotions are frayed and I go from feeling confident to overwhelmed and under-qualified.


That Was Today

The past week we’ve been working overtime trying to get a new Retreat House opened, which has left very little time to work on OUR house. I literally have dishes covering the countertops on either side of the sink, as well as the sink itself! There were dried noodles and something that looked like salt covering the kitchen floors & I didn’t even want to get down and play with our toddlers on the carpets for fear of what I’d find!

But the little one is down for a nap, and as I have a few minutes to relax I can’t help but think about why the house is such a wreck and it’s changed my mindset a bit. . .

I’m Grateful For:

The dirty kitchen floors, because it means we’ve had home cooked meals

The toys all over the house, because it means my daughter’s learning how to play

The dishes in the sink, because it means I have a family who’s dirtied them

The unmade bed, because it means my husband and I were cuddling till the last second

The bags of clothes in the entryway, because it means we have extras we can give

The muddy shoes by the door, because it means my daughter & I were playing in puddles together

The unkept house, because it means we have a business that’s growing & needs our attention


Granted, give me five minutes and I’ll start running around like a crazy lady trying to clean up. But I don’t feel quite so guilty about the state of the house. Every now and then it just happens. And it’s ok. It’s life. It’s messy, and unorganized, and unpredictable. But it’s the messes that we look back on and laugh about. We don’t remember the every day, ordinary clean parts of life. We remember the mud. The games we played. The fun times gathered in the kitchen making dinner.

So maybe we should embrace the mess a little more. And while I’m not saying we don’t clean it up – maybe we can ease a little of the stress about needing it to always be clean.

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